Death & Burial: a biblical and practical response

What: Death & Burial: a biblical and practical response

Are there alternative ways to burying a loved one? Do you have to use a funeral home? Do I have to use a cemetery? Can I build my own casket? What does scripture say about death? Is cremation biblical? How should a Christian respond to death?

Forethought on the subject of Death and Burial is something everyone must do — whether they like it or not — and it’s much better to have thought things through before tragedy or necessity.

We invited Mr. Donnie Madill to come teach us step-by-step the basics of casket making.

After supper two families shared their testimonies followed by a Q&A time where Anthony Courter shared some of the basic logistical steps and legal ramifications (for TN) needed to be taken in order to properly care for and bury your own dead using non-conventional means.

Death and Burial ShopTime Audio  [please note: the audio for this section is not the best quality. Below is a schedule of minutes which we hope will be helpful.]

Death and Burial Audio Minutes:
Introduction and Why Christians Must Rethink the Issue of Death and Burial: 00:00-09:56
Rodriguez Family Testimony: 09:57-29:16
Transition and Introduction: 29:17-30:36
Stokes Family Testimony: 30:37-56:03
Q&A time and Overview of Necessary Legal Documents: 56:04-end

On Sunday Anthony finished the subject up with a sermon titled: What the Scripture says about Death and Burial.

Helpful Information and Legal Documents for Residents of Tennessee:

Tennessee Department of Health: Permit for Body Transit and Burial — scan of official document

Tennessee Death Certificate — scan of official document

Tennessee Funeral Consumer Rights — pdf

Ten Tips for Saving Funeral Dollars — pdf

[note: These documents are made available as a courtesy. We are giving no legal advise and are not liable for their misuse. You need to do your own research.]

Who: Donnie Madill


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