New Years Eve

What: New Years Eve

Gabriel New taught a self-defense class focusing on mind set, tactics, skill, and gear.

He briefly went over the principles found in Jeff Cooper’s book Principles of Self Defense. He also recommended John Weaver’s messages on Sermon Audio:

If you lack the Christian warrior mind set he’ll give you the biblical basis

for why you need to acquire it, and if you already have it, he’ll motivate

you to train more. -Gabe New


After supper we watched and discussed the documentary Overview of America.

The grand finale of the evening was of course the Pie Baking Contest!

Our judges this year were: Mrs. Shough, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Lemmon, Mr. Mozzata, Charles Vernier, Grant Price, Lucas Botkin, Joshua Castille and Noah Botkin.

the winners:

Grand Champion: Esther Courter — Apple Pie

1st place: Anna & Elizabeth Botkin — Maple Bacon Cheesecake

2nd place: Anna Courter — “Zorro” Pie

3rd place: Valorie Dubois —


Photos courtesy of: the Solid brothers and Charles Vernier

Who: Gabriel New


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