Host Your Own ShopTime

Tips on how to implement your own ShopTime (or whatever you want to call it):

Tip 1Invite Specialists

You don’t have to know the skills yourself; invite other specialists in the field.

Tip 2Location

You don’t have to have a lot of land or a big building to meet in. You can meet in a park, your yard, etc. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Tip 3Pitch-in Fellowship Meal & Sharing.

Have a pitch-in fellowship meal after your class. Encourage everyone to bring enough food for their family plus a little more. By having a pitch-in, more people means more food so you’re not overwhelmed with feeding everyone.

After the meal, have a time of sharing spiritual food:

  • Singing hymns, songs
  • Testimony time
  • Missionary Sharing Time
  • Short “Sermonette” about what God has been teaching them

Tip 4Start small

Invite just one family. Everyone is commissioned to do one-on-one discipling. Discipleship is a mandate, NOT a “gift” given to a select few. If, after you have handled the smaller group, you feel the Lord has led you to grow it, invite more families.

Tip 5Identify Needs

Choose topics that relate to those attending. If someone is needing a small engine repaired, choose that topic and use their engine as the subject. If a chicken coop is needed, use that time to teach on framing. Talk to people and see what interests they would like to develop. Seize the opportunities around you and make your teaching time as applicable and beneficial as possible.

Tip 6Roll Up Your Sleeves

The point is JUST DO SOMETHING! Don’t wait for others to take the lead. Make an impact for the kingdom.

ShopTime Ideas